February 27, 2024

Hemp Facts You May Find Interesting

Many people may think only about hemp when they think of the latest products that have taken over the wellness market. Hemp-derived CBD is flooding the market with many products that people can use to improve their day. Hemp-derived CBD is available in many forms, including topical and oral products as well as vapes and products for pets. These hemp facts might surprise you about how long this amazing plant has been around.

The impressive hemp plant was a success story before it became a lifestyle star. It is one the most important and versatile crops in American history. Here are some fascinating facts about hemp.

Hemp Facts – The Surprising History

For over 10,000 years, hemp has been an important crop. Hemp has been referred to as a vital source for food and fiber since ancient China and Mesopotamia. The flowers and seeds were used medicinally, and the fibers and leaves were used to make everyday, reliable products.

Because hemp fibers are so strong, they’ve been used to make some amazing products. Take this example:

For boats and ships: Hemp was used to make sails, rigging and other ropes. Because of the thick hemp fibers, these items were almost indestructible. This made it safer for sailors. The strength of the fibers was also demonstrated by the use of hemp to seal the cracks between wooden planks in the ship’s hull when it was soaked in tar.

Another fun fact: Sailors wore hemp clothing, and captain’s logs were often written on hemp paper.

To build vehicles: Henry Ford made a car from hemp plastic in 1941. Amazingly, the vehicle could also run on hemp fuel. Because it used only natural materials for its maintenance, this vehicle was called the “world’s first carbon-negative automobile”. This vehicle’s exterior is made from woven hemp plastic that is 10 times stronger than steel. Hemp oil is an environmentally friendly fuel source. It is also economical and is considered to be a renewable fuel source. Research and innovation stopped because hemp’s legal status was compromised at the time. With industrial hemp now legal, there’s a chance hemp could become the sustainable material for the future.

Another fun fact: Hemp biodiesel smells just like French fries. This is a scent that many people prefer to regular gasoline or diesel.

American history: The Declaration of Independence was first drafted on hemp paper. The first American flag was made from hemp after it became apparent that other fibers could not withstand the natural elements of seawater.

Another fun fact: Benjamin Franklin’s parchment paper-making plant used hemp to make its parchment paper.

For artists: In Europe, in the 1700s tightly woven hemp was used for canvases for oil painting. Actually, the Old French word “chanevaz”, which means “made from hemp,” is what gives rise to the word “canvas”.

Another fun fact: Henry VIII of England passed an act that required all landowners in the country to sow at least a quarter of an acre of hemp. If they fail to do so, they would be fined.

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