March 2, 2024

Causes of Nosebleed – Symptoms and How to Stop It

Nosebleeds are commonly caused because of nose positioning. It is caused because of the density of the blood vessels.

This cannot be a serious cause in most cases, but it can be the initial symptom of some underlying conditions including leukaemia.

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A nosebleed is caused because of the chances of blood loss from any tissue inside the nasal lining of a person. This condition is common in some patients due to the positioning of their noses.

However, the condition should not be neglected if the nosebleed persists. The condition of nosebleed is known as epistaxis.

The nasal lining is part of the body where there are maximum number of blood vessels present.

Hence, even a slight impact on the nose can make a person experience nosebleed.

Sometimes, it is not just the external influence that can make the nose bleed as it is caused because of some underlying issues as well.

Nosebleed causes are many and are listed below:

  • Direct impact on the nasal lining such as a blow to the face can immediately result in nose bleeding.
  • The habit of nose blowing or pricking can damage the nasal lining and thus results in nose bleeding.
  • Some of the foreign bodies that enter the nose can prick the nasal lining, and this results in damage to the blood vessels.
  • Changes in the pressure and also in altitude in the air can disturb the nasal lining leading to bleeding.
  • Some allergic inflammation such as sinusitis can lead to damage to the nasal lining resulting in bleeding.


Bleeding from either one nostril or both nostrils is epistaxis. The feeling of liquid flowing back to the throat while lying is a symptom of nose bleeding.

Some Home Remedies to Stop the Bleeding 

Not all nosebleed conditions are considered an emergency. Some issues can be taken care of at home with proper guidance.

The home remedies for this condition are listed below:

  • Breathe through the mouth and start pinching the soft part of the upper nose.
  • Keep your face in the leaned position to avoid the chances of blood running to the sinuses or throat. It can lead to gagging if there is an inward flow of blood to the throat or sinuses.
  • The head should be higher than the heart and the position of sitting should be straight. The blood pressure will be reduced, and hence the blood flow from the nose.

Follow all these steps for at least 10 to 15 minutes to make sure that blood clots in the nasal blood vessels.

If still there is bleeding from the nostrils, then you should get medical attention as early as possible.

Some of the suggested treatment for nose bleeding include, 

  • Nasal packing
  • Ligation
  • Cautery
  • Septal surgery
  • Embolization

You should clearly understand that medical attention is required when you are experiencing constant nosebleed.

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