March 2, 2024

When should you see a cosmetic dentist in Downtown Chicago?

As an adult, you should see your dentist every few months for an oral exam and dental cleanings. Preventive care goes a long way in avoiding common concerns impacting gums and teeth, but dental appointments are much more than that. If you are wondering whether seeing a cosmetic dentist in Downtown Chicago is necessary, we have enlisted a few signs below.

  1. You have an uneven smile. When you don’t feel confident about the way you smile, it could be because of gapped, crowded, or misaligned teeth. If you have too large or small teeth, you may not have the most aesthetic smile. A cosmetic dentist can help fix these concerns. For instance, you can consider veneers, which can reshape your teeth entirely.
  2. You have stained or “yellow” teeth. If you consume tobacco products and drink a lot of staining foods and beverages, you may have discolored teeth. Your dentist can recommend teeth whitening procedures, which may include take-home trays that are effective and easy to use. You can also consider in-office bleaching for extreme staining.
  3. You have a broken tooth. Our natural teeth are strong and can endure considerable pressure, but you may end up with a broken or chipped tooth for many reasons. This could impact your smile and how you talk to others. A cosmetic dentist can suggest the best ways to treat your tooth, which may include getting a crown. 
  4. You have missing teeth. If you have lost one or more of your teeth, you don’t have to consider dentures immediately. There are several ways to replace lost or missing teeth, including bridges and implants, and your cosmetic dentist will explain the options.
  5. You have unnatural restorations. Dentists try to ensure that restorative appliances such as crowns, bridges, replacement teeth, and fillings match your natural teeth. If you have restorations that are unsightly, talk to your dentist as soon as possible.

Finding a cosmetic dentist in Downtown Chicago

Numerous clinics in Downtown Chicago offer cosmetic dentistry services. Make sure to check the profile of a dental practice and the range of treatments they offer. You should also consider the reviews and ratings of shortlisted clinics and must schedule an appointment with at least a couple of options. You can never be sure of their approach unless you visit a cosmetic dentist and discuss your concerns.

Elective procedures are not covered under general insurance, so always ask about costs in advance. Find a local clinic now. 

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