March 2, 2024

What are the Causes of Tooth Staining?

Tooth staining is a common dental issue among many people. Although tooth staining impacts are mild, they can sometimes lead to major dental problems like gum infection or increased sensitivity. However, there are some practical solutions for regaining that perfect smile that will boost your confidence instantly. For example, teeth whitening, bleaching, and veneers are some prominent examples to cure tooth staining. 

While some of these treatments are not permanent, they are still relatively affordable and do not have lengthy procedures. Several factors can contribute to tooth staining. Sometimes it might be uneven, and other times, all of your teeth go through discoloration. 

If you are suffering from tooth staining and are looking for viable solutions, make sure you visit a dentist in Buffalo Grove, IL, as soon as possible. It is essential to act quickly in such a situation; otherwise, the condition may worsen. 

Here are major contributing factors to tooth staining. These factors will help you understand why tooth staining occurs and what you cannot avoid. 

Cause of tooth staining 

  • Age 

One of the most common reasons for tooth staining is your age. Your teeth undergo many changes throughout your life; as you grow older, your teeth’ coloration gets darker. For example, teenagers might quickly achieve whitening; however, the yellow cast becomes more profound when you move into your 20s. Finally, in the forties and fifties, the yellow color deepens into brown and requires more care than usual. 

After your forties, you might start noticing more robust stains that are challenging to eliminate. However, they are not impossible to remove. So, you need to talk to a dentist to get it fixed. 

  • Thinning or transparency 

While this trait is genetically more common in people, it can also occur with time. Thinning of the teeth does not necessarily affect their efficiency; however, when compared, opaque teeth appear to be whiter and react better to bleaching and other whitening treatments. 

People with transparent teeth have less pigmentation in their front teeth, making it difficult for bleach or any other teeth whitening treatment to cure it effectively. 

  • Food 

The food you consume daily can significantly contribute to the early staining of your teeth. Foods rich in carbohydrates tend to leave more plaque on your teeth, resulting in a yellow cast in the long term. 

Other than that, beverages like wines, carbohydrates drinks, and liquids with high sugar concentrations can lead to tooth staining. 

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