March 2, 2024

The Pros and Cons of At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

A smile can be significantly important, and it can create lasting first impressions when meeting someone. It is not always necessary for one’s smile to be pristine and white. Several factors contribute to the discoloration of the teeth, and it is entirely okay to have yellowish teeth as it is the natural color of the latter. 

However, if you have been considering teeth whitening treatment to improve the appearance of your teeth, you would have likely come across teeth whitening kits that can easily be used at your home. 

Before you decide to get an at-home teeth whitening kit, it will be necessary for you to understand its advantages and disadvantages carefully. You should also contact a Lakeview, Chicago dental practice dentist before making any decisions regarding the treatment. 

Pros of using at-home teeth whitening kits: 

  • Convenient 

Finding a good dentist who can provide personalized attention and care for treatment can be challenging. In such cases, it can be advantageous to choose teeth whitening kits as they can help one achieve a bright smile with undivided attention and care.

  • Quick treatment 

Contrary to multiple visits to the dentist for teeth whitening, a teeth whitening kit can allow one to achieve quick and effective treatment at home. Such kits can be relatively faster when compared to in-office dental treatment. These kits can also show enhancements within a few days after using them. 

  • Easy and universal to use 

Teeth whitening kits are simple and easy to use. Anyone can use such kits and observe effective results after usage. Such kits are designed for people with minimal to no knowledge of dentistry. As a result, one can use teeth whitening kits in the morning and at bedtime without worrying about the complexity of usage. 

Cons of using at-home teeth whitening kits: 

  • Increased probability of tooth sensitivity 

When you use a teeth whitening kit, it will become likely that the pressure applied to your teeth can be changing and disproportionate. Such stress can contribute to tooth sensitivity. It will help if you use these kits with caution and care to avoid any dental problems. 

  • Temporary results 

While teeth whitening kits provide instant results, likely, such results can only be temporary. Using teeth whitening kits cannot provide permanent results. To elongate the effect of results, you must use teeth whitening kits continuously and become careful with your food and beverages. 

  • Unnecessary usage

Teeth whitening kits cannot offer additional health benefits besides whiter teeth. Similarly, some use teeth whitening kits for extended periods and several months. This usage cannot deal with underlying dental problems, which can only be addressed and handled by a professional dentist

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