March 2, 2024

Oral Health and Dental Implants- Understanding the Relation

Due to the many alternatives, choosing a tooth repair might be difficult. Dental implants are a popular tooth replacement option because they look natural, last a long time, and can replace one or more teeth. Most people can benefit from dental implants, improving bite and smile. Get dental care in Plymouth.

Can dental implants improve your oral health?

It might come as a surprise, but dental implants have a direct effect on your oral health. Implants enhance your smile and dental health. Here are some ways dental implants can improve your oral health.

  • Teeth Repair

For severely decaying or broken teeth, dental implants are ideal. They are the only tooth replacement treatment that replaces the root and crown. Replacing decaying teeth with implants will safeguard your gums, jaws, and neighboring teeth by preventing additional decay and restoring the tooth.

  • Prevent Bone Loss

When you lose a tooth, the bone supporting and surrounding it loses stimulation and pressure. Deterioration of the jawbone may alter facial characteristics and muscles. Bridges and dentures shorten the jaw, changing the face’s contour. Dental implants stimulate the jawbone and retain your muscles and facial structure by replacing your lost tooth root.

  • Maintain Remaining Teeth

Roots and neighboring teeth hold teeth in place. Therefore, losing one tooth will raise the chance of losing nearby teeth as they shift into the space. Dental implants are ideal for replacing missing teeth without altering good teeth. Dental implants will keep neighboring teeth from falling out.

  • Improve Oral Health

Missing or decaying teeth increase gum disease and cavity risk. Brushing and flossing with empty sockets is hard. Dental implants allow you to brush and floss twice a day. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash is enough to maintain dental implants. Maintaining oral hygiene does not require special instruments or techniques.

  • Healthy Eating

It should not hurt to eat your favorites. Consult your dentist if eating hurts due to a missing or broken tooth. You can eat nutritious meals with implants. A balanced diet protects your bones and reduces the risk of jawbone deterioration and tooth decay. Implants are strong like real teeth, so you do not have to avoid hard meals to avoid dental pain.

Dental Implants: Ask About Them

Damaged teeth are not just unsightly—they are also harmful. Missing or broken teeth do not have to affect your life. Dental implants can improve your smile, bite, and oral health. Talk to a dentist about dental implants. You can improve your smile and oral health with dental implants.

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