March 2, 2024

How can Early Orthodontic Treatments Help Your Children?

There have been many improvements in orthodontic treatment over the years, but one of the most recent is early orthodontics. Early orthodontic treatments can help children correct their teeth, sometimes from as young as age two. There are a lot of benefits to this kind of early treatment that include improving self-esteem and reducing future problems with eating habits too.

An orthodontist in Fullerton, CA, will be able to advise you about which type is best for your children. Most early orthodontic treatments are completed with the use of brackets, headgear, and dental appliances. These can be taken off at any time if there is a change of mind.

Let us now see into different ways an early orthodontic treatment can help your children.

  • Enhance self-confidence and aesthetic appearance

Oral health care professionals can help children enhance their self-confidence with early dental treatments. The effort to achieve and maintain beautiful teeth will instill in the child a sense of accomplishment that they can carry with them into adulthood. Early orthodontic treatments not only help children improve their overall appearance but also their self-confidence.

  • Increase the likelihood of proper jaw growth

Orthodontic treatments in an early stage can influence the normal jaw growth of your children. The earlier you begin, the better the orthodontist is able to manipulate and correct problems that may arise in the future. Early intervention can ensure proper jaw growth in children, eliminating any risks of facial or mouth deformities. This also helps improve their speech pattern because of better muscle control and positioning.

  • Create space for crowded teeth and monitor permanent teeth as they grow

Children’s teeth can change dramatically, even within a short period of time. Early orthodontic treatments will be able to correct overcrowding of the teeth or the arch by early intervention. This improves their appearance, functionality, and comfort. An orthodontist will be able to monitor how permanent teeth are developing every six to eight months. 

  • Correct thumb sucking and improve speech problems

Thumb sucking can be a cause of speech problems. Sucking on the thumb can alter articulation patterns, which can affect how a child speaks. Early orthodontic treatments can treat the underlying problem. As your children get older, they will be able to communicate and express themselves more clearly through the work of an orthodontist.

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