March 2, 2024

Harmful Effects of Smoking Out of Aluminium Foil? 

Consuming drugs through foil is a very common mode of drug administration. Crack, meth, heroin, marijuana, etc. are some of the common types of drugs that people smoke via foil. However, this is a very dangerous method of consuming anything because not only are you inhaling the fumes of drugs, you will also intake the fumes of chemicals present in the foil. 

Whoever consumes drugs is a victim of addiction and needs help and attention. There are a lot of teenagers who are introduced to drugs by forcible methods. The researches also show that vulnerability to drug consumption is also hereditary. Thus, a person who is addicted to drugs must be relieved from this addiction. 

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Consuming drugs through tin foil

A person using tin foil for consuming drugs may face many health consequences. A majority of them are limited to the respiratory system and the brain. One of the common diseases associated with smoking through tin foil is leukoencephalopathy. This condition occurs while smoking heroine from tin foil. 

In this disease, the white matter of the brain degenerates and sometimes this disease aggravates and takes the form of Alzheimer’s. 


Even though drug consumption is bad, it becomes more toxic when they are administered by tin foil. 

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