March 2, 2024

Four Benefits of Replacing Your Missing Teeth: Taking Advantage of Dental Services in Powell, TN

If you have missing teeth because of an illness, poor oral hygiene, or injury, changes start to occur immediately. Missing teeth come with cosmetic and non-cosmetic risks. Did you know that you could lose bone, get tooth decay, or have dental disease if you have missing teeth? Because of this, you should consider Powell, TN dental services to have your missing teeth replaced. Replacing your teeth can offer a lot of long-term benefits, such as the following:

Keeping Your Teeth in Place

A missing tooth can create a gap between your remaining teeth. As a result, the adjacent teeth will try to fill the gap, shifting towards each other. Such a shift can result in misalignment, impaired chewing, crooked teeth, TMJ issues, and jawbone strain. You will then require orthodontic treatment to correct your bite. Additionally, if you have crooked teeth, there might be areas that your toothbrush and floss cannot reach, making you susceptible to cavities, infection, and gum disease. Thus, your missing teeth must be replaced to keep your smile beautiful and healthy.

Helping You Chew Food Properly

Your teeth are meant to break down the food you consume for nutrition. If you have missing teeth, you may not be able to chew food properly. If the back teeth are missing, the front teeth will have to work harder than they used to and carry out the function they aren’t made to do. This may result in premature front teeth erosion or faster deterioration. Replacing your missing teeth can help you maintain proper tooth function and oral health. 

Restoring Your Speech

Because of missing teeth, you may not be able to speak clearly, particularly if you lost front teeth. In fact, even if you lost just one tooth, you might not be able to pronounce some words correctly. Replacing the tooth that you are missing can solve this issue and improve your speech.

Maintaining Your Facial Structure

Your jawbone must be constantly stimulated by your teeth to stay stable and strong. If you lose one tooth, this part portion of the bone won’t get the necessary stimulation anymore. As a result, this part will begin to shrink. Also, your gums will start to recede in the space without a tooth, making the adjacent teeth weak. This will then change your facial structure, leave you with a sagging cheek, and make you older than your age. You can prevent these changes to your facial structure when you keep your jawbone strong. Also, replacing your missing teeth can help you avoid gum disease and tooth decay.

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