March 2, 2024

Demystifying Addiction and Its Contribution Towards Criminal Uprising

There is too many of myths around addiction. The basic fact is that the addicted cannot understand it or are not in that situation. The rest are not interested in learning facts but believe in whatever they have heard. That is why the myths around addiction have such a long life. These have been around for many years and are still plaguing us. Thankfully people are trying deal to with these things and are getting more and more information for their loved ones. Every addicted person is not a criminal. Truth is that they are more prone to get into wrong things as they are lured in with the help of their addiction. It actually becomes their weak point making them more vulnerable than the others. A promise of drugs or alcohol can make them do anything. In fact, they also become easy victims of murders, robbery and rape. Addiction remains as one of the reasons behind native american missing women

A social issue

While most of us tend to see addiction as household problem as it leads to tensed relationships and financial difficulty, it goes much deeper than that. Murders, robberies and rapes of intoxicated and addicted women is a deeper social problem than any of us can actually think. While addressing all the criminal cases is more than necessary, it is also necessary to address addiction not just a personal issue but also as a social issue. Rehabs are treating addiction along with the hidden causes if there is any. The struggle and level of addiction differs from people to people. Proper professional supervision and medical help is the need of the moment. No myth is going to make this social evil away, but education, truth and treatment will. It will give the previously addicted people a chance to stay safe from the lure of criminal activity.

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