February 27, 2024

Creative Product Display Ideas to Increase Your Store Sales

Many buyers want to be able to interact with people face-to-face and have real life experiences. Millions of buyers have been trapped at home for too long and are eager to get out. Retail shops are one area that is being benefited.

Retailers should seize this opportunity by creating eye-catching displays that attract customers and increase sales. We have ten ideas for creative product displays that will increase sales in your cannabis-based retail stores.

1. Information Displays

Information displays sound exactly the same as they look. Here you’ll find a slot or bin that holds the product. It will also contain information about the product. Crate & Barrel’s kitchenware display does a great job at this.

This is a great idea that will educate your customers. You could put product bags in each bin and describe the aroma, taste and terpenes of each flower on the sign.

2. Displays of ladders

Combining ladders with boards can make a striking display of your products. You can make your store look rustic by using wooden ladders, modern by using brightly-painted ladders, or industrial with metal ladders, depending on how it looks overall.

3. Seasonal Displays

You have the opportunity to create stunning displays that will grab your customers’ attention for every holiday and season. These displays can be made more appealing by offering discounts and promotions on specific products during the holiday or season.

Gift baskets are a great way to advertise gift baskets, such as Valentine’s Day. Combine slower-moving items with more popular products to create a gift set. To make the set even more attractive, discount the whole thing. Create a Valentine’s Day display with your gift baskets to make it irresistible.

4. Put Witty Sayings above Your Displays

You can make a display that highlights your product with witty and quotable phrases. To make your display stand out, you’ll need to make sure it is large enough that customers can see it clearly from far away.

A humorous blurb placed on a wall or above an item is a great eye-catcher. The saying will attract people to the area. Customers are more likely to take photos of the display and upload them to Instagram or other social media platforms.

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