February 26, 2024

All You Must Know About Cherry Pie Seeds

Cherry Pie marijuana is a potent hybrid not precisely like mom used to cook, but it will appeal to those with a sweet tooth. Cherry Pie marijuana leans heavily on its Indica roots to provide a blissful state of relaxation without the typical heaviness associated with Indica. Instead, you’ll feel motivated and inspired by feelings of joy and contentment—the type of state that’s great for making art and hanging out with friends. 

Cherry Pie is an Indica-dominant strain that effectively treats PMS, stress, migraines, and other chronic pain disorders without impairing the user’s ability to function. Cherry Pie Seeds have a strong aroma before and after harvest because of their sour-sweet cherry and spicy soil undertones.

Origin of the Cherry Pie Strain

The Cherry Pie variety is now widely considered a classic. The well-liked Granddaddy Purple strain was crossed with the legendary sativa, Durban Poison, by an anonymous breeder. With her 70/30 Indica/sativa genetic makeup, Cherry Pie is a flexible plant that can be cultivated for various purposes thanks to her balanced cerebral and physical effects. The strain Cherry Pie is often regarded as the best example of the trend toward cherry flavors in cannabis.

How to Raise Cherry Pie Seeds

It’s time to plant your Cherry Pie seeds in the ground, whether you have the standard or feminized kind.

You should start by getting a good pair of trimmers. You’ll need them to cut down on the overgrowth of branches, but the sticky nectar of the blossoms can quickly dull your shears. A good set of trimmers will be handy when gathering your Cherry Pie weed.

Once harvested, Cherry Pie bud benefits significantly from an extended cure to release its terpene content. Remember that you will be wasting your time and effort if you fail to cure your Cherry Pie marijuana properly.


Cherry Pie has thick, spherical, mossy green, purple-tinged nugs covered in trichomes and a light covering of tiny orange hairs. Cherry Pie’s smaller, dense, purple-tinged nugs are more reminiscent of its Granddaddy Purple ancestor. The resinous buds have a silvery shine thanks to the coating of transparent white trichomes that cover them.


Cherry Pie has a sweet and tart aroma when the buds are dried. When the buds are split up or crushed, a lingering and pungent odor somewhere between dank and hashish or skunky emerges. Scents of blueberries, cherries, and spicy chocolate permeate the air as Cherry Pie is baking. Cherry Pie produces a sweet and syrupy smoke like cherry pie when burned.

When you look closely at your Cherry Pie cannabis, you’ll see streaks of purple color and a heavy coating of resin. Cherry Pie’s indica roots are seen in the high density of its blooms. The calyxes have a general tightness, and the bright orange pistils protrude at every turn.

The instant you pull out the Cherry Pie marijuana, all eyes will be on you. This is the only justification needed to invest in Cherry Pie seeds.

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