March 2, 2024

Improve Your Self Confidence And Esteem By Opting For Dentures

If you have lost your tooth due to an accident or tooth decay, then you need not have to be disheartened. Your dentist can make up for your lost teeth with the help of dentures.

Expectations from a Denture Procedure

You need to investigate your budget, the quality of the dentures, and the maintenance of the same. If you live in Cypress, TX, you can book an appointment with a denture specialist from renowned clinics such as Orion Dental Specialties located in Cypress, TX.

Their team of specialists will address all your queries regarding the treatment. They will ensure that you are comfortable with your dentures and will also offer the necessary assistance in maintaining them.

Dentures are synthetic teeth that can be custom fitted into your mouth. Your dentist will do a thorough examination of your teeth and recommend either partial or permanent dentures. Partial dentures are used to replace only a few missing teeth, whereas permanent ones are for the whole mouth.

Your dentist will do their best to save your natural teeth, but in some cases, the only possible solution would be permanent dentures. After your teeth are extracted, your dentist will take the bite impression, and other measurements of your teeth before designing the dentures.

In some cases, if the mouth needs to get adjusted to the dentures, they might ask you to go in for temporary dentures also known as immediate dentures. You can check with your Cypress TX dentist; on how long you will require the temporary dentures before they allocate a permanent one for you.

Immediate dentures are not custom fit and will be placed into your mouth on the same day after your teeth extraction. Some of the benefits of opting for immediate dentures include:

  • These help your gums in the healing process
  • You can out in public with your teeth intact
  • Allowing you to eat and chew food immediately rather than wait for the permanent dentures

The downside of immediate dentures is that you might experience irritation and sensitivity as your mouth needs time to adjust to the dentures. Second, you might need to invest twice for the dentures i.e. one for the immediate sets and the other for the permanent set.

Like said earlier, permanent dentures are not for everyone. If you have missing teeth that cannot be replaced with dental implants, you can book an appointment with any partial dentures Cypress TX specialists to complete the procedure.

How Long Do You Need to Keep Immediate Dentures?

Immediate dentures are a temporary fix until your permanent dentures arrive. These can be worn for 6 – 8 months. Your dentist will contact you once the permanent dentures arrive.

If you have issues with adjusting to your immediate dentures, you might need to bring it to the notice of your dentist. Many people are sensitive to immediate dentures and might want to wait for permanent ones.

If you suffer from any medical issues, you might want to discuss with your dentures Cypress TX specialist before opting for the procedure. Check this link for dental aligners.


Immediate dentures can make you feel normal. It all depends on how quickly you get adjusted to your new set of teeth and maintain them.

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