February 27, 2024

A Spa Is Not A Balneotherapy Tub.

The difference between a spa and a balneotherapy bathtub is based on how they work. The purpose is the same, but the spa combines constant heat, water pressure, and massages. At the same time, the balneotherapy bath only offers water pressure, massages with hot water from the service of water. The spa is halfway between the tub and the pool.

What Is A Spa?

The principle of operation of a spa is simple. Thanks to a probe and a heater, the water temperature is kept constant, high enough (35 to 40 ° C) to be close to the temperature of the human body. As for a swimming pool, when the spa is at rest intermittently, a pump starts and circulates the water through a filter to maintain the quality of the water, which must nevertheless be chemically treated as in a swimming pool.

The particularity of the spa is during its use. With a control box, you can start a second pump, a booster, which will send the pressurized water through multiple nozzles distributed over the seats to create a hydro-massage effect for the people who sit on these seats.

As for the swimming pool, the spa is connected to the water evacuation pipes to reject the overflow. It is sufficient to manually or automatically maintain the water level after use or after a long period of inactivity, which is always characterized by evaporation.

The Characteristics Of The Balneotherapy Bathtub

For the bathtub, if the purpose is also the hydro massage, the characteristics, and the functioning remain a little different. The balneotherapy bathtub is, above all, a personal space for washing and taking care of yourself. As with the spa with spa chemicals, there is no question of being able to dive there in a group.

It differs little from a classic bathtub: the same size, although there is now two-seater; same material, often acrylic, reliable, resistant and allowing all shapes; same way of installation, installation above ground, semi-recessed or recessed. The difference comes from the nozzles installed on the walls and in the bottom and which work as a spa. These nozzles are connected to a booster pump, which puts the water under pressure to create a hydro-massage effect.

As this form of balneotherapy has widely developed, manufacturers offer a wide choice of bathtub shapes. But these are still bathtubs. There is no filtration system, so the water is disposable, which is not economical or ecological; some balneotherapy baths with a capacity of 300 liters. It is also impossible to maintain the temperature. Hot water, which is the key to relaxation, is introduced directly from the house’s water heater during filling. It will cool down, and that the end of your message will end in cold water if you are used to taking your time.

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