February 26, 2024

A Few Differences Between Dental Implant and Dentures

Missing tooth is a common issue among many people. Not only people of old age, but also you will find many youngsters who have lost one or more teeth. You do not have to feel shy about missing teeth, as there are various solutions for the same. Dentures and implants are two of the most effective solution for lost teeth.

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You to decide what kind of treatment you would want for your missing tooth. You need to consider several factors such as price, preferences, and the health of your jawbone before choosing the appropriate solution. In this article, you will know the key difference between dentures Cypress TX and dental implants.

Before we understand the key differences between dentures/partial dentures Cypress TX, and implants, let us first know the similarity between them:

  • Both provide support for facial muscles,
  • Helps you to chew food properly,
  • Improves speaking ability,
  • Boosts self-confidence by providing good facial features and a beautiful smile.

Key Differences between Dentures and Implants:

  • Meaning:

Dental implant – Dental implants are nothing but permanent teeth replacement. On the other hand, Dentures means teeth replacement that is not permanent. They are the set of artificial teeth that one can remove as and when required.

  • Procedure:

Dental implant – It is the procedure where the dentist first removes and cleans the damaged root. Further, he places the metal post as a foundation to replace the missing tooth. On the top of it, he places an artificial crown. However, one vital factor to remember here is that you need sufficient bone for implants.

Dentures: Under this procedure, the dentist does not fix an artificial tooth inside your jawbone. Instead, a complete set replaces all your teeth on your gums both – upper and lower. If you want to replace only a few teeth, you can go for that as well. This process is a partial denture.

  • Cost:

Dentures are cheaper than dental implants. Implants are an expensive dental treatment when compared to any other.

  • Complications:

Dental implant: It is a safer and effective method as there is no risk of dislocation of the implants.

However, other problems like infection, broken crown, etc., may happen if you do not maintain proper care post-surgery.

Dentures: It includes two most common complications such as ulcers on the gums and slipping of dentures.

Therefore, the above were the key differences between dentures and implants. However, make sure to discuss the same with your dentist and then go for the treatment.

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