February 27, 2024

4 Common Types of Dental Emergencies in Manhattan, NY

Good dental health is a precious gift and one that’s not always easy to maintain. Dental emergencies are, unfortunately, more common than most people would like to admit. It’s crucial for you to know what the most common types of dental emergencies are in Manhattan, so you can be prepared for whatever life throws your way. In fact, no one should have their smile stolen from them by an unexpected toothache! You should rush to a dentist in Midtown Manhattan, NY if you don’t want to make the worse out of a dental emergency situation.

Here are four dental emergency situations that could happen in Manhattan.

  • Avulsed tooth or tooth knocked out

One of the most common dental emergencies is a tooth being knocked out. Tooth avulsions are rare, but teeth that get knocked out could end up causing a lot of pain. You should immediately contact a dentist if you find that your teeth have dropped or if you’ve got a tooth stuck in your throat or cheeks. This is obviously dangerous and can put your life at risk!

  • Lost filling or crown

It’s extremely important for you to take note of your teeth every time you come in for a checkup. If you lose a dental filling or a crown, you could risk having your teeth fall out! It might have seemed small at the time, but you should report to the dentist immediately.

  • Cracked or broken teeth

A cracked or broken tooth is the last thing you want during your morning coffee. It’s a situation that can bring on infection and can be extremely painful! You should definitely see a dentist if you find yourself with cracked or broken teeth. What could be worse than having your smile stolen from you by an unexpected toothache? You should immediately consult a dentist if you don’t want to make the worse out of this dental emergency situation.

  • Dislodged or loose teeth

If you notice that your teeth are coming apart, you should quickly contact a dentist. A loose tooth can go unnoticed, and it can easily get knocked out. If the loose tooth gets into your gum, it could cause a lot of pain and major damage to your mouth. Therefore, you should make sure to see a dentist if you notice loose or dislodged teeth.

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