March 2, 2024

The Role of Silicium in Hair Care

Silicium is one of the many nutrients that are required for shiny and strong growth of hair follicles. Many studies are conducted on this compound and the resulting factor concluded that it is best known for improving the hair texture when it is supplied in the required volumes to the root of the hair.

Silicium to the Hair Growth 

Everyone loves it when their hair becomes healthier, shinier, and also stronger. This is possible because of the production of many nutrients in the body including silicium. When a person reaches the age of 35, their body starts reducing the production of silicium. The effects of the deficiency of silicium results in showing many ways such as dry and wrinkled skin, damaged and brittle hair and nails, and so on.

Silicium is the best solution for handling many issues that are related to hair health. The deficiency of calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, etc., causes the body to suffer from many problems. Silicium can repair the problems in the body that are caused because of damaged hair and nails.

Fortisil OSAcapsules and tablets are the silicium-rich supplements that are manufactured to help people to compensate for the irregular or defective production of silicium in their bodies. Taking them in proper dosages is possible with the help of the availability of these products in different strengths and concentrations.


Hormones are one of the many factors that affect the growth and development of hair follicles. Imbalance in the hormone production will result in many issues such as darkened skin, pigmentation, devoid production of the required supplements by the body for the healthy growth of hair follicles, and so on.

Silicium is found abundantly in Fortisil capsules, and these can help the body reset the production of hormones in the required volumes. The core hormone-producing destination in the body known as pituitary glands will be targeted by the silicium, when you take Fortisil capsules and tablets. You can buy Fortisil capsules online by understanding your dosage requirements.

Importance of Silicium 

When taken at the right dosage, it can strengthen skin, hair, and nails. It can trigger the production of elastin and collagen fibres as required for the maintenance of skin suppleness and elasticity in the long run.

Hair thinning is caused because of the damage or even the irregular supplementation of all the required nutrients to the root of the hair follicles. Silicium, when taken from external sources such as Fortisil OSAmedications, will trigger the supply of all the nutrients required for the strengthening of the hair follicles.


Studies have shown that silicium is present around us in many forms. This compound is even produced in the body because of its importance in many bodily functions. However, their production in the body will decline after a person reaches the age of 30. It is when the external supplementation of silicium is necessary, and Fortisil OSAcapsules and tablets are ideal sources in such cases.

Every hair product such as shampoo, hair spray, conditioners, hair oil, etc., is rich in silicium, and it is this compound that can offer promised results.

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