July 15, 2024

Post-Hammertoe Surgery Selfcare in Maryville

Hammertoe surgery is conducted to regain an anatomic alignment in a crooked toe. It is a procedure that rectifies a deformed toe and enhances flexibility by decreasing pain in the area. However, a person who has undergone a hammertoe surgery needs to be under proper care and inspection, the details of which are usually explained by podiatrists in Maryville, IL. The recovery typically depends on this. But one also needs to be aware of other signs, including persisting pain, fever, and chill.

Ensuring Self-Care After Surgery

Although the method of self-care is being appropriately instructed by the podiatrist who has a better knowledge of all the possible side effects, here are some common post-hammer toe surgery self-care tips recommended after surgery. 

Immediate Care After Surgery

For several days post-surgery, it is essential to keep the operated foot elevated and continue the application of ice according to the podiatrist’s recommendation. Ensure that your foot is dry and let it rest for at least 4-5 days. 

During these days, one can let a cane, knee scooter, walker, or crutches accompany them to avoid stress on their foot. Additionally, the doctor might recommend a surgical shoe, depending on the nature of the surgery. Strictly follow the prescribed medicines provided by the doctor. Neglecting the podiatrist’s information might lead to post-surgery complications which will not be fair for foot health and timely recovery.

Stay Conscious Regarding Any Signs of Infection

It is normal to experience pain and swelling in the area of surgery for a few days. But if these persist for long, it should not be overlooked, as this might indicate a chance of infection. Other signs of infection include chills, fever, and experiencing persistent warmth in the area that has been operated on. 

Later Recovery Self-Care:

Once the doctor has removed the dressing, one can return to their normal lifestyle. It is recommended not to return to heels immediately, at least not before 3-4 months. However, regular walks are recommended. If an individual’s right foot is operated on, it is important to abstain from driving for at least a month unless one regains the confidence to hit an emergency brake.

Final Thoughts:

However, as per the opinion of the podiatrists, post-surgery foot activities should be limited. For the best advice, staying in touch with a podiatrist, who will offer constant assistance and advice to secure a speedy recovery, is essential.

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