March 2, 2024

Managing the skin aging crisis with microneedling: what’s with the hype?

Losing a youthful appearance is never easy. The major reasons that the skin loses its shine and plumpness include:

  • Dryness and dehydration
  • Acne
  • Sun damage 
  • Smoking 
  • Unhealthy lifestyle 
  • Free radical damage 
  • Pollution 

Sometimes, even certain medications are responsible for the skin’s dull and lifeless appearance. 

Besides, aging is the truth of the matter. As we age, collagen in the skin becomes dormant. 

Being the protein responsible for producing healthy, plump skin cells and maintaining hydration level, when collagen’s quality deteriorates, wrinkles and fine lines start chasing the skin.

No matter which reason has been behind wrinkles and fine lines on your skin, there are certain very effective treatments like microneedling. 

Do you want to regain your lost youthful appearance? Of course, you do, everybody does. 

This article will shed enough light on what microneedling is and how it makes the skin look visibly years younger than your actual age. 

What’s the deal with microneedling?

Did you know that the human body has a natural healing mechanism? Whenever wounded, the collagen activates and begins generating healthy, hydrated, baby soft skin cells. That’s exactly the process that microneedling uses. 

Under the treatment, your dermat will poke many micro needles in your skin in a clinically controlled environment. The result is exactly what we just mentioned – collagen immediately starts the healing process. 

The wounded cells start getting replaced by new, tighter, and damage-free cells. As the healing continues, the dead, dull, and old cells get fully replaced by the new cells. 

One advanced variation of microneedling is RF microneedling. In this treatment, the micro needles are also used as tools to transfer radio frequency waves inside the skin. As a result, the cells get heated. 

When heated with RF waves of a preset wavelength, blood circulation improves, and more oxygen gets transferred to the site that’s treated. In the end, the results are more dramatic and comparatively faster. 

Your doctor will be able to suggest whether microneedling is needed or RF microneedling. 

Setting the expectations right: how’s the end result?

First of all, microneedling isn’t entirely painless. Since needles will be poked, there will be discomfort. Your doctor will use numbing creams so that the treatment can be carried out easily. 

After that, the recovery downtime isn’t much. Having said that, the discomfort is entirely manageable. Follow your doctor’s advice. 

Moving on, one sitting might not be enough for all wrinkles to disappear. Usually, 2-3 sittings are needed. The exact number will be decided by your doctor after carefully inspecting your skin for damage. 

Concluding Thoughts:

Microneedling procedure like Clinicare microneedling is worth the efforts and money. This clinic hubs some of the best and most experienced doctors. 

So, if you’ve been giving anti-aging treatment a serious thought, getting in touch with the experts at Clinicare can be really beneficial.

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