July 15, 2024

Going for sclerotherapy treatment in Boise? Here’s what to expect

Treatment of varicose veins

Patients dealing with vein issues should seek treatment without delay. While varicose veins can cause unusual pain and discomfort, spider veins are often a matter of cosmetic concern. Your doctor will do a complete checkup to determine the best treatment for your needs. Before you seek sclerotherapy treatments in Boise, ID, here’s a quick take on what to expect from the procedure.

Who is an ideal candidate for sclerotherapy?

Most patients can consider sclerotherapy, but there are exceptions. If you have an active deep vein thrombosis, are pregnant, or are currently breastfeeding, you are not an ideal candidate. You have to wait for at least three months after childbirth for the procedure.

What is the procedure like?

Your doctor will inject a foamy/saline solution into the targeted veins during sclerotherapy. The solution irritates the vein walls, and within a short time, the vein dies. Your body naturally redirects the blood through other veins, and the targeted veins are removed naturally as scar tissues. The procedure takes about an hour, and there is no downtime. Doctors usually advise walking after sclerotherapy, although you may have to skip extreme physical exercise for at least a couple of weeks.

Before sclerotherapy

Ensure you tell your doctor about the antibiotics you have been taking, as it may be necessary to stop certain medications before sclerotherapy. Do not take medicines like aspirin and ibuprofen for 48 hours before the procedure, and if you have a medical history that is likely to concern your doctor, talk in advance. Do not shave your legs for at least two days before the session, and don’t use any lotion or skincare products on the day of sclerotherapy.

During sclerotherapy

Your doctor will clean the treatment site and inject the solution into the targeted veins using fine needles. You may feel a pinch and a mild burning sensation as they inject the liquid. Slight discomfort is completely okay, and your doctor may choose to treat many veins at once, depending on the treatment area.

After sclerotherapy

Wear compression stockings as suggested by your doctor. You can wash the injection sites with mild soap and warm water. Do not apply heat compression, and avoid medications like aspirin and ibuprofen. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight for at least a few days.

Sclerotherapy is a suitable treatment for many reasons. Besides not needing anesthesia, sclerotherapy is safe and highly effective, although you may need more than two sessions.

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