July 15, 2024

Family dentist- What is the role that they play?

Regular visits to the dentist are quite important for good oral hygiene but at the same time, choosing different dentists for different members of your family may cost you dearly. Moreover, having toothache or bleeding gums is not uncommon and therefore, you cannot avoid going to a dentist because the problem may aggravate. Hence, having one Indianapolis family dentist for your whole family makes things convenient for you as it’s easy to book an appointment for everyone with just one call. 

Who is a family dentist?

Role of a family dentist

  • Familiarity and openness: One of the biggest advantages of having a family dentist is that you feel comfortable in their presence and they’re quite familiar with your oral health history. A family dentist is also well-informed about your dental problems and the treatments that you have taken in the past. This makes it easy for him to proceed further down the line. When your kids visit the same dentist, they too develop a positive relationship with him and because of your company and the presence of other family members, a child feels comfortable in the presence of the dentist.
  • Simple process: A family dentist looks after everyone in your family and therefore, you do not need to take different appointments for different members. This makes the process smooth and simple as with one appointment, you can get everyone’s routine cleaning and other checkups done.
  • Available in case of an emergency: If you suddenly develop a toothache or meet with an accident where one of your family members damages their teeth, the family dentist is there to help you out. Anyone in the family, especially the children can get injured and need immediate care. In such a scenario, your family dentist is just a call away.
  • Develop a lasting relationship: When it comes to checking up on sensitive areas such as your oral hygiene, trust becomes very important. Having a family dentist with whom you can communicate honestly and openly, makes everything transparent and builds a long-term relationship. They’re able to treat your symptoms in a better way and you are not scared to express your concerns.

Above mentioned are some of the most important roles that a family dentist plays and therefore, you should not hesitate in having one.

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