July 15, 2024

Dental Crowns in Hollywood, FL: When Do You Need Them?

A damaged tooth can be effectively restored and protected from further damage by fitting it with a dental crown. Dental crowns are used for covering your teeth and must be considered if you take dental care in Hollywood, FL, seriously. Typically, they are made from porcelain or gold, though some situations call for other materials. 

Dental crowns are custom-fit caps placed over your teeth, offering coverage and support. Usually, they are needed after you’ve lost your teeth structure because of an injury or decay. Repairing or replacing seriously damaged teeth requires the use of crowns. 

Reasons You Would Need a Dental Crown

A dental crown is meant to protect your tooth. It helps improve your smile and protect your tooth. If the majority of your natural tooth structure is lost, there is an increased risk for serious damage when a crown is not placed on the affected tooth. 

Additionally, dental crowns support your tooth whenever you chew food. If you want to save a seriously damaged tooth, putting a crown on it keeps it functional and strong. The tooth will also keep its natural look. 

Dental crowns are an ideal replacement option for broken or chipped teeth. When your tooth is chipped, broken, or cracked, you must get it fixed by your dentist to prevent an infection from setting in. Because your tooth is already damaged, your dentist will want to reduce the risk and prevent more serious damage. Also, you should consider getting a crown to replace a badly decayed tooth and a big filling. Your dentist should be able to tell you when you can benefit more from a crown than other restoration options.  

What to Expect from the Procedure

Replacing a tooth with a dental crown begins with taking an impression of your mouth. This ensures you get the exact shape and color you want. The crown will be made in a laboratory where porcelain is added to make it strong. Once everything is perfect, you will need to go to your dentist’s office to get the new crown into place. 

Usually, the placement of a dental crown is completed in two visits. But depending on the procedure and working schedule of the dental office, it may take just a visit. Also, the material to be used and the specific expertise of the dentist impact the duration of the treatment. Generally, visiting the dentist takes a day or two when you go through a tooth restoration procedure that involves a crown.

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