March 2, 2024

Be Aware of The Various Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

Usually, people tend to think that fluoride treatment is only meant for kids. However, it may surprise you to know that fluoride treatment is quite beneficial to adults too.

According to Rancho Bernardo dentist, although children may be at risk of having cavities in their teeth, however, among children these days have considerably decreased, but among adults, it has increased. The reason is, when we grow old, our teeth become vulnerable to bacteria growth and that may cause tooth decay.

Therefore, you must get yourself fluoride treatment by a dentist Rancho Bernardo and that is the easiest way to prevent any teeth decay.

What is fluoride?

Actually, fluoride is one of the natural minerals that we all consume naturally from the various foods that we are eating. Even when we visit any dental clinic, fluoride can also be applied so that cavity formation can be prevented.

Fluoride can fight against bacteria and can support the healthy enamel of the tooth. When we eat any acidic, sugary food or beverages then our enamel can break and we tend to lose the protective layers that are present in our teeth resulting in tooth decay.

As a child, you must be remembering that you must have taken a fluoride treatment. The dentist used to fill your mouthguard with a certain fluoride gel. The same treatment can also be taken as an adult to ay any dental care of Rancho Bernardo.

The following are a few benefits that you can get with fluoride treatment.

  • Protects your smile¬†

As such, fluoride treatment in other words is the best way to maintain your smile. As you know, fluoride can fight against tooth decay, and hence it can help in preserving your teeth in healthy condition. So, if you get this treatment regularly then you can maintain your smile for a longer time.

  • Can reduce your dental bill

Most dentists these days recommend their patients to receive this fluoride treatment, irrespective of their age. Typically, this treatment is offered to kids when they visit for regular checkups. Even adults can get this treatment and it can protect your teeth and prevent you to spend more on your dental treatments.

  • Prevent dry mouth

For an adult, dry mouth is one of the most common problems that they may face. This may also be the cause of adult teeth decay. If there is enough saliva is not present in your mouth then the tooth may lose its strength. Fluoride treatment can prevent dry mouth.

  • Prevent gum recession

Any adults having gum recession will be at a higher risk for any decay in the tooth as the tooth remain exposed when your gums recede. Root decay will be much more difficult to manage and treat as that may re-occur after being filled.

Whether fluoride is safe?

As per ADHA (American Dental Hygienists Association), enough research has been done on fluoride and it has been found to be quite safe and effective if it is administered and also used as per the instructions of the best dentist Rancho Bernardo.

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