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Hi Everyone, I am Ravi and I am going to show you how easy it is to become motivated to loose weight, build muscle, stay healthy or just look darn sexy 🙂

I always wanted to be fit and muscular. I started my inconsistent fitness journey in 2007 being shaped like a basketball and in 2013 I still looked liked a basketball…well a chubbier one 🙂

To make up for  my many frequents breaks from training and eating healthy I went on a hunt  for  the latest supplements on the market. When these didn’t deliver what I wanted   I then scourged the internet for the latest workouts. One week I was trying high reps, the next week medium reps and the other week insane heavy weights…I would do this for 2 weeks then take a three week break. And  rinse and repeat.

When this didn’t work I tried yoga, cycling, crossfit, P90X and Krav Maga….only to take an 8 week break after a month of practice. And rinsed and repeated again.

I tried each new diet that I read about….low carb, juicing, high carb, moderate protein,vegetarian, fasting etc etc. I would  follow each for one week and then took a break for 3 weeks. And rinse and then repeat.

I became the rinse and repeat guy never sticking to anything long enough to see the results.

These diets and training do work but I just couldn’t stick to any of it. Sleeping in late or eating donuts and pizzas always seemed like the better option 🙂

When I looked around I realized that many people had the exact same issues like me. But there were some people who were doing it…and who were maintaining it year after year. A small percentage of people but at least someone was doing it!

What were these people doing that I wasn’t? They were consistent with their workouts and diets. And they did so willingly with a smile as if they were doing something heavenly! I just couldn’t understand them. Maybe they had no life I told myself. But deep down I knew I admired them and wished I could be like them.

They had the willpower and the motivation that I craved.

But I thought that motivation and willpower was just for the gifted few. It’s either you have it or you don’t. So I just resigned myself to being weak willed and weak motivated and basketball shaped.

But then in the beginning of 2013 I suddenly became one of those motivated and strong willed persons…overnight! I surprised my family and friends. On January 22nd 2013 I was weighing 265lbs and by June of 2013 I was 194lbs.  And not a 194lb skinny but a muscular 194 pounder 🙂

Over that 6 month period I ate totally clean and did some really crazy ass workouts!

And 4 years after I am still maintaining my physique and doing even crazier workouts!

I wanted to understand how I was able to do this and maintain it years after. This made me passionate about researching the human brain and the psychology of the mind and trying to backward re-engineer what I was doing. Unknowingly I was applying some really cool and effective mental hacks and strategies. Not only were they effective….but they were also simple.

My  desire is to help others to get their motivation and willpower up to lead a healthier and fitter lifestyle. Why? Because I believe that health is our greatest asset and we need it in order to spend quality times with our families. And also because I believe it’s achievable! Motivation and willpower can be developed just like how a muscle can be developed.

You don’t have to be a gym freak, or a yoga master, or an organic low carbs dieter to benefit from this site. Most of us have busy lives and a family  depending on us. Maybe you have a little kid who wants you to have that slice of pizza with them. We may just want to be a little healthier  or loose a few pounds but can’t find the motivation to do so.

This site is for everyone including the guy who wants to be the next Arnold  with  veins popping out his arms to the full time working mom who just wants to hack her motivation and  willpower to eat a bit more healthier and exercise for ten minutes a day  so she can have energy to play with her kids and show them their homework.

Health is important to all of us. Good health gives an awesome life. And yes what you eat and what exercises you do is important but what is even more important is the mental aspect. Without this your physical goals would not have a strong foundation to stand on.

If you need any feedback or support regarding your motivation and willpower I would be more than happy to discuss it with you.  Simply leave a comment below or contact me at ravi@motivationforhealth.com

I would be regularly updating this site with all the cool tools and hacks that I come across. I promise you no woo woo stuff or no abstract motivational quotes with butterflies and roses as a background saying ‘it’s Monday..smile, have a cup of coffee and become  motivated’. Motivation and willpower has its background in science.  But while much of what we discuss here would be grounded in science and research, one of the site’s core values is to keep the content fun and applicable to the normal Joe and Jane regardless of age, and physical or academic background.  After all fun is the greatest motivator 🙂

I wish you all the best with your motivation and willpower and thank you for stopping by!




Founder of Motivation and Willpower Made Simple